Today, corn producers everywhere are operating combines with larger heads over varying terrains. A flexible corn head will allow you to improve efficiency, increase productivity and save time and fuel with fewer passes. Unlike stationary corn heads, the Split-FlexTM Corn Head pivots on the center, allowing each side to move 8° up or down for a total range of 32°.

What we do


Improve Efficiency

A rigid corn head keeps the center points off the ground approximately 15 to 20 inches in a terraced channel. The Split-FlexTM Corn Head adjusts to maintain efficient harvest spacing across the entire corn head in relationship with the field. With a flexible corn head, you can capture more corn, dramatically reduce down time and reduce the potential for end points to dig into the ground and damage equipment. The Split-FlexTM offers quality, fully-automated head control, designed and built by Headsight, Inc.

Increase Productivity

The Split-FlexTM demonstrates a more efficient combine-to-ground relationship because the center points and end points are on the ground in a “smile” position, cutting the corn stalks off at the same height across non-level fields. This especially increases productivity in fields with low corn/ear placement.

Save Time & Fuel with Fewer Passes

Most importantly, with rising fuel costs, the Split-FlexTM Corn Head allows the combine operator to make fewer passes in a more efficient and timely manner, all the while reducing down time risks.

Easy to Install and Maintain

Our flexible corn head fits on factory equipment with no modifications to the combine or feeder house except for a 5-minute wiring harness installation. The header drives are the same as the factory’s with no added slip joints, u-joints, or gear boxes. All that’s needed for the 4 grease zerks on the two main hinge pins is normal greasing maintenance.