Standard Features
5 auto-header-height sensors Insight Header Control box Installation of Split-Flex adapter kit (which includes): 2 limited stroke hydraulic cylinders Heavy Duty Cylinder Mounts Delron Backing Wear Plate Quick-Tach Hook-ups Pivot Pin Bushings w/ Grease Zerks 2 Flexible Telescoping Drive Shafts


The Split-Flex is the latest evolution in the ground breaking area of flex technology. Innovative Ag Technologies, Inc. new Split-Flex corn head will significantly boost your combine’s productivity in high volume, high bushel corn as well as capture low-ear placement on the stalk. It combines IAT’s advanced Split-Flex technology with a unique two-section flex frame that allows each section to simultaneously move while the contour master levels the header to the ground. This action, combined with the extreme flex range, results in a balanced floating action that means picking every row on the first pass regardless of its placement in the field.

Introducing the most significant breakthrough in agriculture design for corn heads in recent times. The Split-Flex Corn Head.

The Split-Flex is your answer to uneven ground. Its unique design allows you to harvest every row, every time. When you utilize the Split-Flex you will no longer have to avoid or split harvest those terraced rows. It is engineered to harvest in one pass regardless if you are on the crown or in the valley of the terrace. This is accomplished by its center flex or pivot design, complete with ground sensor technology that automatically adjusts each side of the head independently to follow the contours of the ground. When in uneven terrain, this unit “smiles and frowns” as it harvest a consistent height off of the ground. This results in an even stalk height, which is important to prevent damage on wiring harnesses of planters and other equipment, especially in no-till operations.

The Split-Flex is engineered to allow you to maintain the correct header angle in uneven terrain, thus minimizing what is commonly known as Heeling. Heeling is the term used when the rear of the header is on the ground while the snouts are in the air, causing the header to be un-level. The correct header angle prevents header contact with the ground, minimizing gouging and preventing damage to row units. This innovative design also allows for efficiencies in planting as it reduces time consuming maneuvers around terrace outlets.

This header will both smile and frown. The smile is the position the header conforms to while you are in the channels and faces of the terrace. In this position each end of the header will flex up 8°, which maintains an even height from the ground thus allowing you to harvest a full 12 rows at a time without missing ears of corn. The frown is the position the header conforms to when you are on the crown or peak of the terrace. In this position each end of the header will flex down 8°, which also maintains an even height from the ground thus allowing you to harvest the full 12 rows in the same manner as the smile. 5 sensors are strategically placed on the unit to provide an abundance of messages to the Insight box to relay appropriate signals to the header regarding ground contour and position, this is essential in order to ensure the proper head to ground relationship. The unit has the three standard ground sensors, plus two additional sensors in the center section were added to prevent ground gouging. These two additional sensors assure that as the header drops over the crown of a terrace that it maintains the proper header to ground ratio in the middle third of the header.

Rugged construction assures constant and consistent reliability in rough terrain. The center pivot design eliminates the need for changes to the driveline components. These are all achieved with no changes to the standard features of the head. There are no slip joint, u-joints, auger drives, gearboxes, or slip clutches added. The two 15-foot wings are each powered by two hydraulic cylinders that derive their power from the combine source, thus eliminating the need for additional pumps, valves, and other mechanisms. Each wing is supported by dual 2 1/2 inch hinge pins to provide absolute support. The Delran back plate eliminates daily maintenance and should give season after season of wear and reliability. The only maintenance required on this unit is lubrication of two grease zerks twice a week.

This header will increase your efficiencies in the field. It reliability and innovative design allows for a smooth and continuous harvest. With no more wasted trips to harvest only half of the terrace, the Split-Flex will improve your bottom line, every time, season after season. Contact us today for ordering or further information. Get your Split-Flex harvest started.